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Cold Hard Steel: Absolutely NO Escape

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Albina Rose
10:06 Minute Video: Cuffed to her chair and ball gagged ... I think we're going to have a special time today
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5:06 Minute Video: Tickled and struggling. Peek toe pumps, a very cute yellow dress, ankle cuffs, handcuffs, hogtied, tape gagged. No escape from the cold hard steel of
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10:15 Minute Video: Riona is a little lost when she realizes that she isn't getting loose from this handcuff bondage. She can't call for help because of her tape gag
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6:10 Minute Video: We've warned Alessa a thousand times not to wear that damn bunny suit again! Handcuffs, anklecuffs, over the mouth gag.
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5:03 Minute Video: Wrists To Ankles, chains, cuffs, lace top stockings, tape gagged, pink soled stiletto high heels
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5:03 Minute Video: Shirt Dress Hogtie, tape gag, open toe high heels, struggling
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5:02 Minute Video: A rocking and rolling ball tie. Silk stockings, high heels, little black dress, cuffs, chains and a tape gag
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5:12 Minute Video: A little tickling, a lot of struggling. Handcuff hogtie, sexy shirt dress, tape gag
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5:07 Minute Video: Handcuffs behind her back, heavy chain securing her neck and ankles to the bed. Pantyhose, a plaid skirt and tank top make this a very fun struggle
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5:05 Minute Video: A chain type of wrap up, spreader bar and rocking struggle. Blue jeans and socks.
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3:35 Minute Video: Ropes and handcuffs. Her ankles in a rope hobble tie, her wrists in handcuffs secured to her ankles by additional rope. Bra, panties, INCREDIBLE cleavage and a big ball gag for this struggle
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10:11 Minute Video: A very intense babe trying to escape from her cuffs so she can go to her party ... bit gagged and serious struggle
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5:06 Minute Video: She is very cute sitting the couch awaiting her punishment. She knew about the tickling but was surprised to find out that handcuffs, ankle cuffs and a chain hogtie were involved!
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