SweetTies Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Are all memberships recurring? If I cancel do I lose my access immediately?
A) Most of our memberships are recurring but all you have to do is cancel right after you purchase to make your SweetTies membership non-recurring. Your access will not be removed until your paid membership has expired.

Q) How do I cancel a recurring membership?
A. You can cancel your CCBill recurring membership at CCBill Customer Support & Cancellations
You can cancel your DHD recurring membership at DHD Member Support Page & Cancellatons
Email: support@dhdmedia.com
Phone: 310.258.6200 or 800.935.5771

Q) Is it easy to find all of the photo galleries and videos from my favorite models?
A) Absolutely, just type in your favorite model's name in the member search box (Sara Tomas for me) and you will get links to every photo set and video that particular model has on SweetTies ... Not only models ... our Dynamic Site Search will allow you to find outfits, types of ties, clothing, etc., etc. ... hogtie, handcuffs, high heels, stilettos, bare feet, bare legs, stockings ... with and without garters, scarf bondage, corsets, touching elbows, on and on and on ... you can pretty well name what you are looking for and with a search you will instantly receive pages with all of the photos and videos that match your criteria ... basically a custom web site built by and for YOU.

Q) How many different models are there on SweetTies?
A) Well over 150 ... actually more but I'm too damn lazy to count them ...  You can see each model and the number of photos and/or videos on SweetTies "Model Page"

Q) How many photos and videos do I get when I join SweetTies?
A) You get the tens of thousands of photos and videos currently posted on the SweetTies PLUS a brand new photo set and/or video every day

Q) Is my membership discreet?
A) Absolutely, your receipt for your membership will show DPCD, Inc. ... we guarantee you that your name and contact information  is totally private.

Q) Are photo download programs allowed?
A) Absolutely, we do have software set up to stop "Brute Force Attacks" on SweetTies so please set these programs on their lowest settings.

Q) Do I have to download the photos one by one or is there an option to download in a zip?
A) That is one of the great features of SweetTies new web site. All of the old photo sets have been removed and are being rebuilt to offer both galleries with individual downloads AND zip files to easily download the entire set to your computer.

Q) My password isn't working who do I contact?
A) We have set up a self serve password link that is the fastest way to get back into my member's area. If you have any other questions about orders, technical support questions, or if you are having problems with the site in any way please contact us anytime using the Member Contact Form. We want you to have access to the site 24 hours a day!
Or if you prefer you can call customer service: 702-586-5215

Q) I do not have a credit card can I still join?
A) SweetTies Mail Order form is located HERE. Join by Telephone HERE

Q) Pop ups, Circle Jerks, Never Ending Windows?????
a) Never, Never, Never, Never, Hate Them, You will never see that crap on SweetTies