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Cold Hard Steel: Absolutely NO Escape

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5:06 Minute Video: She was getting ready for a night on the town when he walked in. He was carrying heavy chain. She asked why and he showed her. All on camera.
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5:08 Minute Video: Her right wrist cuffed to her right ankle, left wrist to her left ankle, tape gagged and struggling. Don't know why? She isn't getting out of this
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5:03 Minute Video: Sexy black velvet dress, tape gagged, lace top white stockings, black high heels. Chains encircle her wrists and ankles and are linked together
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5:18 Minute Video: She escaped from her ropes only to find herself wrapped up in chains and ball gagged ... this has to be a nightmare doesn't it?
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4:36 Minute Video: Kissa was a very bad girl so we chained her to her desk in preparation for her punishment. Tape gagged and struggling
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5:08 Minute Video: Steel cuffs on her ands and ankles tightly pulled together. Silver club dress with straps, tape gagged, stiletto peek toe high heel pumps
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5:08 Minute Video: Leg irons and high heels, red bikini panties are very tight, cute red bikini top, tape gagged, handcuffs and chain hogtied
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5:13 Minute Video: Heavy chain struggle, black mini skirt, bikini top, tape gagged, sling back high heels
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10 Minute Video: A tight handcuff hogtie struggle ... watch her skirt as she rolls over and over ... hot shit!
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5:02 Minute Video: Very sexy sheath dress, tape gagged, stiletto high heels, handcuff/anklecuff hogtie
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5:04 Minute Video: Handcuff hogtie, red bra, plaid skirt, high heels. Afternoon struggle
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5:06 Minute Video: Lace black dress, high heel pumps. ankle cuffs and wrist cuffs linked together, tape gagged
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5:17 Minute Video: Very sexy lace pantyhose, little black mini skirt, spreader bar handcuff hogtie, ball gagged and struggling
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5:02 Minute Video: Great ass, great struggle. Cuffed and spreader bar, mini skirt, panties, stiletto high heels
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5:07 Minute Video: The Workout ... short shorts, high heels, tank top, tape gagged, chained to her workout bench ... that should keep her focused!
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5:03 Minute Video: She is totally handcuffed hogtied and ball gagged. Struggling like crazy and enjoying herself until her girl friend shows up and starts the tickling!
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